Since the apartment is one-room, we were faced with the task of making it as functional as possible. We dismantled the partition between the corridor and the kitchen, erected a new one, flush with the ventilation duct. Thus, we had the opportunity to deepen the kitchen and make a closed apron for appliances.



Residential complex New England

Implementation cost

740$ / 1 м²
43 м²

The bar area is highlighted with slats on the wall that continue into the ceiling to separate the kitchen. The tabletop itself has a secret: if necessary, it goes down in order to put a folding dining table. Main light: spot, magnetic rail for accent light in the sofa area. Suspensions above the bar area act as decorative light.


We had several options for how the entrance group would look like. We could zone a wardrobe with a partition, we could make facades painted in the color of the walls, but we needed to visually expand the space, so we chose mirrors and abandoned any partitions.

It was important for the customer that nothing stood on the work surface, but at the same time it was convenient to use.

The side paneling of the kitchen and the central cabinet in the corridor are veneered: thus we combined the entire group of cabinets, but expanded the corridor. In the whole project, we have black graphics: in the legs, in the fittings, so we chose vertical, high handles at the cabinet to set the accent.

We decided on the layout of the bedroom from the first time, as the wishes from the customer formed the necessary zones. Initially, it was clear that there would be a chair near the panoramic window, and a makeup table on the other side, since daylight would fall best there. A bed with legs only added airiness without overloading the space.

Around the bed we began to build up the mass: we created an imitation of a headboard on the entire wall of slats to combine all the elements into one. Added a backlight for plot lighting in the evening.

On one side of the bed we have a bedside table, and on the other - a table that can be used from the side of the bed, as well as sitting in an armchair. A floor lamp and a painting were added nearby, which became an accent. We made a closet for the entire wall to the ceiling in order to use every centimeter of space.

We didn't give it an active color, since the center of our composition is the bed. Main light: spot. Decorative light: suspension over the coffee table, table lamps and a floor lamp near the chair. We always create several lighting plots for daytime, evening and night use.

The most interesting thing in the style of the bathroom is the Moroccan motifs. We wanted hot pepper in our project. And the tile did its job ! Mosaic on the floor, white thin tiles behind the mirror, and terracotta tiles from Bicolor created a delicious picture and a feeling of complete privacy. The basis of any bathroom is rest after a hard day.

We got a beautiful hanging cabinet with lighting, and a laundry basket stood at the bottom. Next to the bathroom is a closed closet for a washing machine, boiler and additional storage. Above the toilet with the installation, we have allocated a place for a cabinet for storing aggressive household chemicals.

Ceiling lighting, mirrors and curbstones will create an atmosphere in the evening and will mentally carry away the best memories of warm countries, but this feeling awaits our customer at any time of the year in her apartment.

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