The design of the two-story house is designed for a young couple. The task was to create a modern, minimalist interior with ethnic motifs in a calm natural palette of colors.



Cottage village, Kryukovshchina

Implementation cost

750$ / 1 м²

110 м²

A large, bright studio space is divided between a kitchen and a living room. The kitchen is designed in such a way that the work surface is divided into two parts: a lounge area in the form of a soft bench where you can relax, read or chat while someone cooks.


We deliberately made the lighting of the kitchen not to load the ceiling, but at the same time complement the wooden and metal accents of the entire project.

The dining area consists of two parts: an island that can accommodate 3-4 people and a dining table for at least 5 people.

In the living room we placed a large sofa with a fireplace and a niche for firewood. White minimalistic walls are complemented by a wooden ceiling. An important place in the project is occupied by decor, which gives the interior ethnic motifs.

The bedroom is zoned by a partition into two parts: a sleeping and relaxing area, as well as a walk-through, where the entrance to the wardrobe and the exit from the bedroom. The partition allows you to visually hide the movement of a person in the passage area. On its other side is a cosmetic table.

The office for work at home has both a work area and a rest area. The task was to provide locations in the room for shooting videos, remote meetings with customers and plenty of space for occasional sports.

So the desktop and the rack for the office and books are located near the window, near the natural light. Behind the sofa, we put an author's painting and a floor lamp with lighting for mood.

Colors and materials echo throughout the project. The rooms flow into one another and remind of nature outside the window.

Under the free-standing bathtub there is a podium that zones the room. The washbasin area is separated by a decorative partition.

The guest bathroom is located on the ground floor and is combined with a technical block, which made it possible to make a laundry room and a place to store household items. The room is bright with bright accents. The cabinet and washbasin are minimalistic, in a modern style. The wall in the shower room and the floor are the accents of the room.

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