We completed this project remotely and completed it with finished products from Ikea, Leroy Merlin and several local stores in the city that customers liked. Cozy living room in Scandinavian style.



Gdansk, Poland

Implementation cost

550$ / 1 м²
94 м²

Walls, like a white canvas that adds space and air to the room, are the most important tool in this style. The accents were wooden beams, which emphasized the atmosphere of a country house, since the apartments are located on the ground floor with access to their own terrace. The whole family will watch movies near the fireplace.


The hood was chosen in Elica. A shoulder was formed on the left to accommodate tall cabinets with built-in appliances. Thus, we have provided more space for the kitchen worktop.

In order to create a quick meal area with bar seating, we extended the countertop under the window.

The wood added accents to the white kitchen, porcelain stoneware was used on the backsplash. Wooden beams served as a decorative element for the entrance to the kitchen.

In the entrance group, we placed a comfortable pouffe with a console. One closet was provided for storing outerwear, and the other for storing cleaning equipment.

The master bedroom is the case when simplicity simplifies perception. We accentuated the window opening with brick trim. Everything else is a blank sheet, on which juicy spots of wood, greenery, terracotta, cozy textiles with rattan.

The lampshade creates very atmospheric light patterns on the walls. In such a bedroom, the most beautiful dreams are dreamed.

This is the most functional room in the apartment, in our opinion. We combined the workplace with the wardrobe.

The cabinet itself is assembled by Pax Ikea models. On the website there is an opportunity to create a cabinet designer yourself, or with the help of a manager.

Children's room for a boy. We ozonized the bedroom into a work area, a recreation area and a game room. The work area goes into the closet and is combined with a soft place to rest. On the side of the table there are open shelves for textbooks. The length of the bed extends beyond the edge of the wall, so for compositional balance, we added shelves on the side of the bed and closed storage - from the corridor.

We also used the space above the door for mezzanine storage. Uniting the whole room in color, we highlighted the Swedish wall with vandal-proof paint to protect the surface from damage during classes. The accent and desire of the boy was the wallpaper with an animal print near the bed.

Children's room for girls. We ozonized the bedroom into a work area, a recreation area and a game room. The girls really wanted a hanging swing. A work desk is provided for classes for two. Placed a large storage cabinet.

A double bed with cherry-colored steps became the center of our composition. The interior of the room was complemented by polka dot wallpaper.

Customers wanted dark bathrooms, which are most often made in the loft.

The basis of the composition was a sink and a mirror with rough leather. We used porcelain stoneware for concrete, as well as tiles for wood, which were laid out with a herringbone to highlight the shower area. Above the installation there is a locker for backup storage and aggressive chemicals.

The second bathroom is a master bathroom for parents. We placed a large countertop on two washbasins. We used a combination of concrete tiles and Patchwork - for emphasis. The illumination in the shelves is for the evening lighting plot.

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