The design is designed for a female hair stylist. The main task of the project for us was to create comfort for the customer and her animals.



Residential complex TIME

Implementation cost

650$ / 1 м²
51 м²

I wanted to have warm wood, and rattan matting, and bright velor and wicker lampshades. For four-legged customers, there are soft spots in the cabinets. The living room turned out to be friendly for all its inhabitants.


The sofa in the living room from ligne roset is the height of a couch - this is the sofa of the customer's dreams. The sofa inspired us with ethnic motifs, so we decided to add discreet woven elements to the design, which create comfort with their textures and shadows.

There are no handles in all the cabinets, because they really seem delicious to dogs.

The projector in the apartment is now the dream of many people. We have provided a hidden canvas. Our customers are waiting for atmospheric evenings and watching their favorite films.

The kitchen is made in the same finishes and colors as the corridor and the bathroom. This technique visually combined the different areas of the apartment into one. The concrete ceiling dictated industriality in design, we left it practically untouched. Since the hostess likes to keep kitchen utensils in sight, we made the shelves open and did not hide the hood in the upper cabinets.

I wanted a little fancy in the country comfort - a disco ball in the loggia and colored Vitra dolls. The loggia is a small home office during the day and a lounge area in the evening.

The bedroom is mostly in light soft shades of beige. Green is one of the main accent colors in the project, so we decided to use it in the bed. The wardrobe is hidden behind a thick linen fabric. Between the wall and the closet, we have provided an open niche, where there are soft places for cats in two shelves.

The shelf above the bed is high for convenient use of a portable projector. Under it, to emphasize the ethnic motives of the project, we decided to use a wicker panel. On the wall, a small shelf was provided for memorabilia, as the hostess likes to periodically change family photos.

In the bathroom we used the same finish as in the hallway, which visually combined the design concept.

In the shower there is a cornice illumination with the ability to change the intensity and colors of lighting. In the cabinet under the washbasin there is a hole for a cat gentleman room.

The corridor in the case of this project serves not only as an entrance group, but also as a temporary room for dogs during the absence of the owners of the apartment. The main requests of the hostess were comfort from the threshold of her house and as little bright light as possible, so we used different scenarios of warm lighting, soft places even in the corridor and warm tones of natural colors.

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